Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Verse of the Day

Do to others as you would have them do to you.  (Luke 6:31)

Verse App Archive

Do It Again - 5/10/2017
Gratitude not Guilt - 4/14/2017
Good Wins - 7/16/2016
A Friend and a Brother - 3/2/2016
Thanks in Turmoil - 11/24/2015
The Greatest Commandments - 7/4/2015
The Choice - 12/24/2014
The Rescuer - 7/17/2014
Safety in Him - 5/20/2014
A Helping Hand - 7/4/2013
Side by Side - 5/24/2013
Love Thy Neighbor - 12/21/2012
The Gift of Mom - 8/24/2012
The Godfather - 8/3/2012
It's Still Father's Day - 6/8/2012
Standing Firm - 3/22/2012
A Call for the Ages - 10/28/2011
Doubting Thomas - 4/25/2011
It's a Wonderful Life - 12/17/2010
Safe and Secure - 09/20/2010
The Easter Gift - 04/05/2010
Fallen Teammate - 12/01/2009
Save the Date - 09/10/2009
The Lord's Perfect Timing - 07/16/2009
Confirmed - 04/04/2009
I Will Rise - 03/30/2009
Savior, Please - 12/31/2008
One More Lap for Dad - 07/25/2008
When I Am Weak, He Is Strong - 04/01/2008
Amazing Grace - 02/14/2008
Father's Love - 11/20/2007
(You Want To) Make A Memory - 05/03/2007
We Will Serve the Lord - 01/01/2007
The Ultimate Servant - 08/24/2006
Farewell Dad - 07/09/2006
Eyes on the Prize - 04/20/2006
The One and Only - 12/08/2005
Another Chance - 06/08/2005
If I Died Tomorrow - 04/01/2005
Isn't Easter Just Like Halloween? - 03/27/2005
The New Year's Resolution - 12/31/2004
Just Ask Me - 10/20/2004
The Passion - 03/01/2004
One More For Jesus - 11/12/2003
The Cost - 07/10/2003
Honor Your Parents - 06/08/2003
A Contrast in Kings - 04/13/2003
Do Not Boast About Tomorrow - 02/14/2003
The Golden Rule - 11/28/2002
A Taste of Evil - 09/11/2002
Never Alone - 08/16/2002
The Ultimate Consultant - 06/26/2002
Pressing Ahead - 04/15/2002
God's Time is the Right Time - 02/14/2002
The Best Christmas Gift - 12/18/2001
My Achilles Heel - 11/13/2001
Another Day in Infamy - 09/12/2001
The Challenge to Serve - 08/07/2001
Pay it Forward - 06/03/2001
The Joy of Easter - 04/14/2001
Around the Bible - 03/04/2001
Another Temptation - 02/03/2001
The Ultimate Potter - 12/26/2000
The Race to be King - 11/20/2000
The Competitive Fire Burns On - 10/23/2000
A Committed Heart - 10/02/2000
A Lesson in Love - 09/01/2000
A Break for the Better - 08/04/2000
A Powerful Encounter - 07/18/2000
The Wedding Day - 07/01/2000
Anxious for Nothing - 06/05/2000
Rest in the Lord - 05/21/2000
What Does it Mean to be Born Again? - 05/08/2000
One Year and Counting - 04/28/2000
A Call to Serve - 04/15/2000
Broken Promises - 04/05/2000
Fear of the Lord - 03/25/2000
Communicating with God - 03/15/2000
Salvation by Grace or Works? - 03/05/2000
You Reap What You Sow - 02/25/2000
My Greatest Love - 02/14/2000
A Hardened Heart - 02/06/2000
The Competitive Fire Within - 01/26/2000
The Power of Pride - 01/16/2000
The Second Coming - 01/05/2000
Jesus is the Reason for the Season - 12/25/1999
A Story of Suffering & Perseverance - 12/15/1999
Christ: The Humble King - 12/05/1999
A Time of Thanksgiving - 11/25/1999
How Far Would You Go For Christ - 11/15/1999
All I Have to Give is Christ - 11/05/1999
What Money Can't Buy - 10/25/1999
A Meaningful Life - 10/15/1999
The Glory of God - 10/05/1999
The Road to Salvation - 09/25/1999
Forgiving Others - 09/18/1999
Depression II: The Example of Job - 09/08/1999
God is Faithful - 08/28/1999
Crucified with Christ - 08/20/1999
Nothing is Hidden from God - 08/08/1999
Satan: A Powerful Adversary - 07/29/1999
Overcoming Depression - 07/17/1999
Finding True Happiness - 07/07/1999
Armageddon - 06/28/1999
Idolatry: The Forgotten Commandment - 06/18/1999
The Importance of Fellowship - 06/12/1999
Taking Responsibility for Our Sins - 06/04/1999
Christ the One Mediator - 05/28/1999
Turning the Other Cheek - 05/15/1999
Treasures on Earth or Heaven? - 05/10/1999
Judging Others - 05/06/1999


05/10/17: Latest Verse App released: Do It Again
04/14/17: Latest Verse App released: Gratitude not Guilt
07/16/16: Latest Verse App released: Good Wins
03/02/16: Latest Verse App released: A Friend and a Brother

Site Roadmap

04/28/1999 - "Frank's World" was born. My web ministry began with the creation of 3 pages: a "Home" page, a "Sports" page, and a "Verse of the Day" page. The initial intent of the site was to provide daily updates of God's Word, and the latest news on my favorite sports teams.

05/06/1999 - The "Verse Application" page was born. The focus of "Frank's World" changed when Dee recommended a page to help bring the "Verse of the Day" to life in one of the following 3 ways:
- Explain why I chose a particular verse.
- Explain what impact (if any) the verse has already had on my life.
- Offer potential applications of the verse in each of our lives.

This "Verse Application" page has served as an on-line journal; recalling my past, documenting the present, and looking forward to the future. Over time, it has become more and more personal, as I've become more comfortable with sharing my greatest trials and weaknesses. Hopefully, these experiences have been a comfort to you in your walk with the Lord.

11/12/2003 - "One More For JC" was born. After hearing a powerful message during a church service, I narrowed the focus of my web ministry to one purpose - reaching "One More For Jesus". In the message, a man shared the story of his father who had dedicated his life to serving Jesus. On his deathbed, his father struggled to get out of bed, and repeated nearly one-hundred times, "Got to save one more for Jesus!" He then turned it into a directive to his son: "Save one more for Jesus!" My desire from this day forward is to live my life with that same directive, serving each individual I encounter with an everlasting purpose for Christ. The site now has two new domains; accessible via or

02/19/2008 - The new website design for "One More For JC" was released (blog format).

Do It Again

"He has delivered us from such a deadly peril, and he will deliver us again. On him we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us." (2 Corinthians 1:10)

I love the song 'Do It Again' by Elevation Worship. However, it is admittedly an extra-emotional walk through the journey of my life…

"Walking around these walls – I thought by now they'd fall. But you have never failed me yet." – And I get taken back to the four walls in my bedroom in NJ and the depression I battled for years in the 90s, clinging to the hope that the Lord would one day help me break free.

"Waiting for change to come – knowing the battle’s won. For you have never failed me yet." – And I get taken back to 2006 praying for the Lord to end all the months of suffering for my Dad and Grandmother, and take them to a better life.

"I know the night won’t last – your word will come to pass. My heart will sing your praise again." – And I get taken back to those long days in 2015 when I was feeling lost spiritually, mentally, and physically - clinging to the hope that the Lord would one day restore me.

"I've seen you move, you move the mountains - and I believe, I'll see you do it again. You made a way, where there was no way - and I believe, I'll see you do it again." - And just as the sorrow of those memories start to overwhelm me, the music perks up and these lyrics remind me of His amazing work in the past. Through every trial and every doubt that maybe the mountain was just too high this time, there was always the hope and knowledge that somehow and some way He would step in at just the right time and save me…again.