Friday, December 15, 2017

Site Roadmap

04/28/1999 - "Frank's World" was born. My web ministry began with the creation of 3 pages: a "Home" page, a "Sports" page, and a "Verse of the Day" page. The initial intent of the site was to provide daily updates of God's Word, and the latest news on my favorite sports teams.

05/06/1999 - The "Verse Application" page was born. The focus of "Frank's World" changed when Dee recommended a page to help bring the "Verse of the Day" to life in one of the following 3 ways:
- Explain why I chose a particular verse.
- Explain what impact (if any) the verse has already had on my life.
- Offer potential applications of the verse in each of our lives.

This "Verse Application" page has served as an on-line journal; recalling my past, documenting the present, and looking forward to the future. Over time, it has become more and more personal, as I've become more comfortable with sharing my greatest trials and weaknesses. Hopefully, these experiences have been a comfort to you in your walk with the Lord.

11/12/2003 - "One More For JC" was born. After hearing a powerful message during a church service, I narrowed the focus of my web ministry to one purpose - reaching "One More For Jesus". In the message, a man shared the story of his father who had dedicated his life to serving Jesus. On his deathbed, his father struggled to get out of bed, and repeated nearly one-hundred times, "Got to save one more for Jesus!" He then turned it into a directive to his son: "Save one more for Jesus!" My desire from this day forward is to live my life with that same directive, serving each individual I encounter with an everlasting purpose for Christ. The site now has two new domains; accessible via or

02/19/2008 - The new website design for "One More For JC" was released (blog format).