Tuesday, December 18, 2001

The Best Christmas Gift

It's an honor to step aside and post a message my wife, Dee, has written and will share at a Christmas service next week. Merry Christmas!

How many of us focus on Jesus at Christmas time? Many of us are caught up in material gift-giving, holiday depression, financial frustration, preparing for visiting relatives - all the extra "work" that comes with Christmas - it can be stressful and distracting.

This year, more so than any in recent history, people are in need of a gift that they will not find in shopping malls, they cannot order on the internet, and they will not be capable of making with their own hands:
  • We are seeking peace.
  • We are seeking security.
  • We are longing for lost loved ones.
  • We are in need of hope.

On Christmas Eve some 2000+ years ago, God gave us the first gift and the only gift any of us will ever need. Jesus was delivered to deliver us. Thanks to Jesus:

  • None of us will ever truly walk alone.
  • None of us need to live in fear.
  • We have a best friend at our beckoned call.
  • We are forgiven.
  • We will not perish, but have the gift of eternal life.

Thank you God and thank you Jesus for these precious gifts. For the gift that is Jesus, I would like to encourage you to give something back - after all it's His birthday. Please join me in silent prayer in making your own personal promise to Jesus - a gift He will love. Perhaps it's a commitment to take Him more seriously, or it's a vow to re-kindle a lost friendship, or it's a promise to be nice to your big sister or little brother for a whole week...make a promise to Him today for all he's given you.

God Bless you and Merry Christmas!